Monday, August 3, 2020
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FLASHBACK: Obama Commutes Convicted Terrorist’s Sentence – Media Quiet

While the mainstream media has been up in arms over President Trump's decision to commute Roger Stone's 40-month prison...

Leftist Mobs Trying to Attack Republican National Convention Could Face This Armed Posse

After violent liberal mobs attacked cities, statues, and Trump supporters across the country, law enforcement officials soon feared leftists...

District Attorney Who Charged Police Officer With Murder Faces Criminal Investigation

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard controversially charged police officers Garrett Rolfe for murder and Devin Brosnan for aggravated...

Russia’s Reckless ‘GRU’ Military Intelligence Could Start War With U.S.

Whether Russian military intelligence actually paid bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US troops in Afghanistan - and some...

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