Monday, July 6, 2020

GOP Introduces Bill to Cut Dependence on Chinese Pharmaceuticals

The Chinese Communist Party’s bellicose rhetoric has reached new heights in its disinformation campaign on what caused the Wuhan coronavirus to spread.

Beijing is now threatening to disrupt the supply of pharmaceutical products it exports to the United States and plunge America into “the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

In response, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) introduced a bill to slash our dependence on China.

Fox News’ Tyler Olson reports:

“The Chinese Communist Party threatened to cut off America’s access to vital drugs in the midst of a pandemic caused by its own failures,” Cotton said in a statement announcing the bill. “It’s time to pull America’s supply chains for life-saving medicine out of China and make the CCP pay for contributing to this global emergency.”

A release announcing the bill says it would task an FDA registry with tracking drug ingredients, ban the federal government from buying drugs with a supply chain that originates in China, require drugs to be labeled with the name of the country where they came from and provide benefits to manufacturers who make their drugs or medical equipment in the U.S. The bill would go into effect in 2022.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s outrageous threats to withhold lifesaving drugs from the U.S. endangers public health and should open our eyes to our dangerous over-reliance on China in our medical supply chain,” Gallagher said. “This is a national security imperative that to many Americans, is a matter of life and death. It’s past time for us to develop an aggressive plan to move critical pharmaceutical supply chains away from China.”

Currently, most drug components used in the United States are made internationally, and that supply is largely in China. The communist nation supplies between 80 percent and 90 percent of American antibiotics and 70 percent of acetaminophen used in the United States, according to Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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  1. …it’s time to cut America’s dependency on EVERY chicom-made commodity…it’s (long past) time to stop using inferior, sub-standard rubbish produced by communist/fascist-controlled despots and get back to paying a bit more for QUALITY stuff made in this country and our ALLIES’ countries.

    • Totally agree with you. But with that said let’s not forget how China wound up becoming a manufacturing giant. It did not come over to America to steal American jobs. The guilty party(s) are the corporate heads who were looking for cheap labor and few if any restrictions on the manufacturing process. They outsourced our jobs for more personal profit to themselves and destroyed the American Middle Class in the process. Now we see the problem this has caused. We must start all over and rebuild our manufacturing processes and open new factories here in America.

      • You might consider putting some of the blame on unions who made so many demands on manufacturers that it became unprofitable to remain here.

        • exactly!this has been going on for years as the unions kept wanting more and more and the companies weren’t able to make a profit.unions were great in the 30’s and 40’s and brought about many changes that were great fo workers.but by the time the 70’s came along they outlived their usefullness!

          • Just like the Politicians the Union leadership found out that they could make millions by forcing business’s to pay more in wages and benefits, which the big shots got a large piece of through dues paid by members.

      • James Richardson if it wasn’t for the signing of the Free-Trade-Act in 1999-2000 by Bill Clinton and our dirty politicians that made millions on this deal like Diane Feinstein (The Feinstein family made hundreds of Millions on deals with China and its Government Owned Businesses) this would’ve never happened. On the medical side of this we should all read Dr. Rosemary Gibson called China Rx. #1 enemy of this country is our GREEDY POLITICIANS

        • Agree 100%….government dirty career politicians are to blame for this BS. Changes need to be made now to be come independent from these countries as well as placing term limits on politicians. The longer they are in office, the more they become corrupt!

  2. I agree this is urgent, so what are they waiting to put into effect until 2022?! What is wrong with starting NOW?! I sometimes think that when people get to DC, their brains lose the ability to make vital interconnections! H#$%, if we wait until 2022, we could all be dead! Idiots.

    • It takes a long time to build a pharmacy manufacturing factory. Plus, China controls many of the ingredients.
      It will be a miracle, if it can be done by 2022.

      • Henry Ford built Willow Run in a year and started producing one B-24 a month and it peaked three years later in 1944, at 500 a month. Waive the regulations and streamline the approval process and you can do the same for a pharmaceutical company as well. With new automation technology, mostly produced in the U.S. today, the new factory would not be subject to a labor cost disadvantage, would be harder to run out of business. Especially with a President who is not afraid of placing tariffs on Nations that practice unfair labor practices or subsidize their industry. While you are at it, do the same for chip Manufacturers, televisions, airplanes, ships and automobiles. Bring those jobs home. They may not turn lug nuts on the assembly line anymore, but they could service and maintain the robots that do the manufacturing. More high paying, high skill jobs that you can raise a family on and make a good living.

    • No the new comers are taken aside and told that if they don’t do as they are told and vote the way the sewer rats say then they will not receive any $ or support the next time they run. Thus when they see all of the benefits to being in Government they turn.

  3. Wait and see the Democrazies will do everything to dump this bill. Kudos to Tom for bringing this forward, the Chinese are not our friends, they are communists.

    • likewise… the Iranians, and Saudies are not our friends either.
      We need to bring back our manufacturing to America.
      It would be nice to be able to buy a car part that is made in America and has SOME reliability in it!!

      • Well, “Come on Down”! Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Hyundai all build cars here in Alabama!l We’re a “Right to Work” state and have no “UNION members” working here. The new $1.6 BILLION Toyota plants opens this year and will build up to 350,000 Toyota SUV’s. Plant will employ up to 4,500 state trained workers. I’ll no longer buy any “UNION MADE” product if I can help it! Don’t forget, most of NASA’s rockets were built here. We have lots of very intelligent workers.

      • The best cars and trucks made are Toyota. My Tundra is going on 19 and still runs like a charm with 150,000 miles on it. Only problem I’ve had on my 6 yr old Lexus is a battery and tire replacement. Every American made car I owned required replacement parts and repair service before 3 years regularly.

        • You still have the wrong car, my daughter has a 23 year old Honda that has almost 400,000 miles on it, the key is to kept the maintenance going, oh yes she also changes the oil and filter ever 2500 miles.

  4. The downfall of Rome was caused by the same thing, outsourcing their food to other countries until they quit feeding the Romans. Will we ever learn from history.

    • That and the slaves eventually outnumbered the Roman citizens. The Romans had become so accustomed to having the slaves do everything so that they were unable to fend for themselves when the slaves stopped doing their bidding.

        • We need government out of the schools completely. They pick the text books and only teach to the STAR test so they can continue to get government subsidies. We are graduating people who are dumber than we were in elementary school! My mother retired from teaching when she could no longer teach her way. Graduates can’t even count change back when you buy something. That’s pitiful! And just think, pretty soon these dummies will be running the country!

  5. Cut ties with China. Make drugs here in USA 🇺🇸 also instead of tearing Our President down, try working together. You people who like socialism move to China or Russia or Iran.

    • BIG Pharma pays about $100 / ton for chemicals to make drugs that we pay that much for just a few ounces of. Markups over 1,000% are common! Then Canada reverse engineers our patented drugs and makes generics. They do NOT honor our patents! So much for our “GOOD” neighbors to the North!

  6. Lets also cut India from our drug supply locations. This would be done on the basis of quality. Drugs from foreign countries can never be inspected carefully enough. The manufacturing plants never get enough inspections and they always know when an inspector is coming.

  7. “go into effect in 2022.” That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life, and I remember Eisenhower…. since the DPA is already partially active, Go ahead and do it NOW, not give the chicom war mongering scum advance notice, Just tell the “bigpharma” profiteers that if they want to sell Anything they will produce it here, Starting NOW.

  8. This bill NEEDS to go in effect YESTERDAY. Not 2 years from now. china has screwed the Americans ENOUGH. NO MORE money to china. Let them try to hurt us.
    Remember that all the National chinese students in the US are ALL SPIES.
    Remember that every electronic implement made in china by the subsidized companies like HUAWEI are all spying on you. All their TVs are spying on you.
    DO NOT BELIEVE: just check what I say.

    • China just buys our product, then “Reverse Engineers” it and builds it in their plants with workers that are basically “Slaves”.

  9. I remember when I was 17 years old. Everything was made in USA. Everyone had jobs , that wanted one. We Need to bring all production back to USA, and man n woman up. Stop making China rich, and putting up with their treats!!! This needs to never happen to USA again. We need to prepare ourself, and not depend on China. They want to take over this world, So get smart everyone. Let’s take control USA!!! I’m 70 now and do not want to live under China’s rule!!!! I would not trust any Drugs from China, they hate us, so maybe they will poison us!!! MADE IN THE USA ONLY!!!!!

    • The problem with our meds is these foreign sources are virtually never inspected by our FDA. FDA has only a few inspectors who go to these overseas factories about once a year and notify them in advance. But we have no choice here unless we buy name brands which insurance will not pay for. China cannot be beaten unless or until we make these such massive changes to our businesses and politics won’t permit this. Life is short so what can we do? Nothing!

    • The have been doing that for many years now, check on where all those virus have came from and you will see that it was China that developed them and then somehow they just got loose and infected the rest of the world. Let me see we have had the chicken fu, the pig fu, sars fu, an now we are blessed with the corona fu, and I’m sure if you check you will find a lot more of those things that those wonderful friend have given us.

  10. We need to do this now not 2022. Ramp up the drug companies they own the patents on all these drugs. Many were manufactured in Puerto Rico at one time. These Pharm companies still have abandoned manufacturing plants in us. Get the corps of engineers to get these going or let them build new plants asap. Many weekend warriors will be out of their regular jobs , could use a paycheck and get the factories going.
    We have air force planes doing nothing get them involved in moving supplies. All services have.medical people and reserve medical people call them up. We also have decontamination services call them up.


  11. I can’t believe he is allowing residents to forgo rent payments. This will put small apartment owner out of business.
    What is he thinking?

  12. You have a fix-it plan. It’s just been announced on the internet. Speed it up! You don’t think China can come with some nasty reprisals in between time? Give them a couple of years to torture us? What a treat!

  13. In addition to pharmaceuticals, rare-earth metals for our electronics (including military) depend on China, since almost all of our mines have been shut.

  14. “Beijing is now threatening to disrupt the supply of pharmaceutical products it exports to the United States and plunge America into “the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

    In response, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) introduced a bill to slash our dependence on China.”
    As I posted elsewhere days ago, We have become Oil independent It’s now time to become China Independent.

  15. I have been commenting since January, that this is China’s attempt at a Pearl Harbor. WW3 has started and the sooner we face it the better. The virus was intentional because Trump has brought China to her knees on trade, and it was not going to be long before the rest of the planet followed Trumps lead. If successful, our economy crumbles and China is the new world power, WW3 won without a shot fired. If we beat the virus, China buys all the depressed stocks at fire sale prices and ends up owning everything of real value, WW3 won without a shot fired. And don’t be surprised if the Dems are involved with China in their desperation to get the power back. Now China is threatening to cut off medical supplies, why, because they see we may beat their medical warfare attempt. It is time to recognize the enemy and take the action required when any enemy declares war against us, before it is to late. Pray for God to guide our leadership to see through the fog and act accordingly to save OUR AMERICA.

    • The problem with our meds is these foreign sources are virtually never inspected by our FDA. FDA has only a few inspectors who go to these overseas factories about once a year and notify them in advance. But we have no choice here unless we buy name brands which insurance will not pay for. China cannot be beaten unless or until we make these such massive changes to our businesses and politics won’t permit this. Life is short so what can we do? Nothing!

  16. Absolutely, do it NOW. All indicators point to democrats and China conspiring to get rid of President Trump. They have motive (hate for Trump) and the China trade deal forced on them that they didn’t like. Besides a little population reduction helps fight Climate Change.

  17. Bill should take effect in 2021 not 22. Delaying it another year gives China and supporters in congress to much time to derail the whole thing.

  18. Don’t you think it’s a little late (actually very late) to finally do something about China’s control over medicines and medical equipment. I agree with the proposed bill but this would not go into effect until 2022, which is 2 years away! And, that’s if we can get the Communist House to vote for it! We need to do something NOW to punish China, not wait 2 years!! Start with getting the out of the WTO!!

  19. Why wait until 2022 when home grown economic stimulation caused by this Pandemic will be required ASAP??
    A Good idea but something sounds not quite right

  20. It’s time, actually past time, for all Citizens who Actually Care about this nation to step up their efforts in comparison shopping.
    We all need to:
    “Buy American” whenever possible.
    If that isn’t possible we need to “Buy from anywhere but China”.
    When the distribution chain starts to see a marked consumer preference for goods made “anywhere but China” they will start to instruct their buyers to seek out non-chinese sources of supply, and hopefully, start bringing manufacturing jobs back to the shores of the USA.
    Remember when Sam Walton was still in charge at Wal-Mart and “made in America” was prominently and proudly displayed on most goods? We need to bring those days back, not just at Wally World but across the entirity of retail, including the internet.
    Veritas Vincit

  21. That’s commendable of duly-elected, tax-payer funded congressional members to once again be backed into a corner and make a reactive rather than a proactive move, and again regarding our outsourcing of America to the Chi-Comm’s! Bring our industries back to our nation and cut off China’s cash cow, and not in 2022, do it now!

  22. Natural help is better than drugs. Fix the root cause not just cover symptoms. 90% of Vit C is made in China also. Making drugs cheaper doesn’t make people healthier.

  23. WHY is the congress working on a bill to stop medicines from China in 2022 ?
    It needs to stop now or ASAP !!! I agree we need to make products in America and
    stop purchasing the cheap junk China makes. Made in America is the best label to have
    on all products !!!


  25. I was recently in Costco looking at a set of pots and pans. What I was interested in was products Made In USA, the closest I could find was “Assembled in America” with Imported Parts. I checked the company and found that these parts were made in China. It is a very sad day when this country that lead the world in manufacturing doesn’t even make pots and pans. Without a moment’s notice, China could cripple our economy by just stopping shipments of products that they make for American Companies. We could live without a new set of pots and pans but these same Chinese could stop the flow of a wide verity of medications that we no longer make and this would put Millions of Americans at risk. How long would it take for our own Pharmaceutical companies to get up and running to making Heart medication, antibiotics and thousands of other products that our own drug companies have turned over to the Communist Chinese? The funny thing about this, if there can be a funny thing, is that even with the extremely low cost of making these drugs many Americans can’t afford them. Just in case people have forgotten China is not our friend, they are in fact our number one enemy and they could turn on us at any minute inflicting the United States with Millions of casualties without firing a single shot, all they need do is cut off all of our medications.

  26. I’ve been lobbying Congress, the FDA, drug distributors, and pharmacists to stop the dangerous practice of sourcing drugs fro Third World suppliers.

    Not once did I receive even an acknowledgment of my letters, let alone any words on the issue. Now, here we are in a crisis situation, and the fools probably won’t even remember I’d told them so!

    I started over a decade ago, instructing my pharmacist to only fill my prescriptions with drugs made in America, the U.K., Israel, Japan, France and Germany. One by one, my medications were reported to only come from China or India. Nobody noted my increasing disgust with the situation. I think I’ll drop in and have another chat with my pharmacist to see if he will now acknowledge the issue.

  27. We can thank our politicians of the the very late 1990’s and 2000 when Clinton signed the Free-Trade-Act with China. Need to read Dr. Rosemary Gibson’s book China Rx. She explains how the U.S. trade deals with China made us dependent on medicine from China. 95% of our ingredients for medicine come from China. We gave away our plants in making antibiotics and even aspirin to China in the early 2000’s because of Clinton’s signature. We also have education deals with China where we provide education to Chinese nationals here in the U.S. In my eyes we are killing our very own country, citizens ultimately our very own loved ones with our generosity in developing other countries. This needs to stop. Why are we teaching and supplying other countries with the very skills they are using against us.

  28. It’s when times are bad that you find out who your friends are –
    as an American, I do not see too many friends reciprocating our generosity. China is not our friend. What greedy lunatics in our government and businesses allowed this situation to develop.
    Does any American want their family dependent on life sustaining medicines from CHINA????? (Or any foreign source at all?)

  29. I know people that drive 5 miles out of their way to save .03 cents a gallon on gas.

    Do you really believe the public doesn’t look at the bottom line cost for an item they want?

  30. Get our needed drugs temporarily (till we bring all drug production to America) from Canada or where ever else them flat cut of all drug imports from Socialist/Communist China. Japan and India are a couple of sources for ingredients that we don’t. Stop getting the ingredients from China as well.

  31. I agree with most all of these comments our politicians start out with the greatest of intentions. But the Washington sewer gets a hold of them. The only way things are going to change is if we the people march on Washington and demand change. Similar to what happened towards the end of the Vietnam war. The Justice Department and FBI and CIA are all dirty. These people and politicians are all above the law. It’s time to march!!!

  32. Mini-Mike Bloomberg makes billions in China….in return he has instructed his news organization to censor anything negative about the Chinese Communist Party. This is the real ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘collusion’ that should have been investigated….instead this ‘citizen of the world’ billionaire (along with Soros) bankrolled the Democrats in 2018 so they could start witch hunts against our democratically elected President and take the microscope off of their own wrongdoing….that’s why he so desperately wants the senile IDIOT Biden to win in 2020 and has spent a fortune to try and make it happen..
    PS: Don’t forget that Bloomberg censored any positive news about Trump during the primaries…..”control the message and you control the people”….


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