Monday, July 6, 2020

Mnuchin Confirms White House Eager to Pass Virus Relief Plan

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that the Trump administration is working to send checks to Americans in the next three weeks.

The “checks in the mail” proposal would see money directly deposited in people’s bank accounts to offset the economic turmoil caused by the novel coronavirus.

According to Mnuchin, each adult will receive $1,000 and every child $500. (The Hill)

“This is an unprecedented situation, where for good reason the government has instructed major parts of the economy to close down so that we can win this fight against this virus,” he said in an appearance on Fox Business.

“While we’re doing that, we understand there are impacts on hard-working Americans, and the president is determined to support them,” he added.

“As soon as Congress passes this we’d get this out in three weeks, and then six weeks later, if the president still has a national emergency, we’ll deliver another $3,000,” Mnuchin said. Earlier in the week, Mnuchin had pointed to a two-week target to send out cash payments.

That portion would amount to half of the bill’s overall spending.

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  1. Sounds good but ( there’s always a but)
    Who’s going to pay for it. Will our fine upstanding reps donate their exuberant salaries and committee money to help pay for this?
    Will they say, *”until this crisis is over we’ll just give back our salaries and committee money”
    Or will it even be an issue. The American people can starve to death and most likely very few if any in either house would let the ppl keep their money.
    I honestly believe that anyone elected to government offices shouldn’t be paid. Benefits, small expense account and healthcare only while in office. No pension no healthcare no election money. Nothing.
    Then WE THE PEOPLE will see who the real patriots are.

    • So far Donald Trump is the one that has donated his salary that I know of? Did Obama?
      Don’t forget, we spend $5.7 MILLION a year to haul Pelosi back and forth to California. So she doesn’t have to stop “SOMETIMES” when headwinds are too strong and refuel! Just how “Extravagant” is that?

      • you forgot to mention that the last accounting of those flights also cost the taxpayers and additional 24,000.00 dollars for booze so the old hag could go home during happy hour.

    • 1000 for adults and 500 to children in less than 350 Billion. That is nothing. For 3000 it would amount to 1 Trillion. The government wastes more than that on foreign aid. It’s about time they spend it on Americans during this problem. The only problem is I bet the rich democrats will hold this up and try and slip abortion funding. They are heartless. The bill should be just for it’s intention and to held Americans.

      The cats out of the bag. If they don’t go through with this there will be problems after announcing it to the public.

  2. News this morning claimed those making over 100k are excluded. Pretty much screwed over all small business owners that now have no income, but still have to file our quarterly tax payment in a few weeks.

  3. Hey John! Did you say anything like you said when Oboso did this twice? Who paid for the last ones? Did you complain then? A real patriot will give it back to the government!

  4. I have no kids at home but I only get $876.00a month on Social Security I sure could use some money . I turn 65 this month so they took out a extra $177.00 now every month for Medicare part B I probably won’t see a dime.

  5. I’m all for helping those negatively impacted by this scourge, but what is the rationale for sending checks to people still working or retirees?

  6. He’s buying votes, “too bad Aunt Bea, etc. died from the virus due to his slow response, but I got my $1,000, he’s my guy!”

  7. I Trump doesn’t need to buy votes—he’s done a fantastic job bringing back this economy, jobs, manufacturing, oil efficiency, etc from the terrible doldrums that Obama’s 8 years put us in. Other countries are even stepping up to the plate with the money they need to contribute. He’s also doing everything possible to take care of this emergency even though the msm don’ Want to give him credit for anything and are just politicizing everything, as usual. They seem almost happy that the American people are suffering through this because, at least the economy has been temporarily ruined. They want to get rid of Trump because they don’t have a chance at the voting booths.

  8. We all need to stand together in prayer instead of worrying about getting the money. If this pandemic continues and we all have to stay inside and all the business doors are closed then where would you spend the money anyway ! Just remember, money isn’t everything and the Bible tells us it’s the root of all evil anyway. JS


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