Monday, July 6, 2020

States Are Issuing Lock Downs, How Is Yours Affected?

How Long Will This Last?

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States across the country are moving to lockdown public areas and restrict travel as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus. Both Blue States and their red counterparts are being affected by these decisions to help ensure the safety of their residents during this unpredictable time. Here are the states involved thus far and their varying degrees of lockdown:

Things will change as time marches on. Be aware of what orders your governors have given.



  1. The best way to control and take over a place is to corral its people just as they did in other foreign countries the use of a travel voucher to go from state to State is a good start and to say it is because of this virus. They know that Chloroquine kills it 100% this is in use if France now and is working but here they are going ahead and putting up road block and stoping us from our freedom of travel they are taking our freedom away and using the virus as a plan to do it. Ask yourself what is the best way to Control People that have the right to go anywhere in the US without check points, this would be very difficult but corral them state by state that is a different story and to make this all more believable use this virus and use the media. I’m not saying the virus isn’t real but there is a cure and instead of working on that there using the scare to shut down our country and take away our freedoms that we have fought for there is a point where enough is enough of government control. We do need some government just how much are you willing to give up of your freedom and our Constitution. there is a saying you can put a frog in a pot of water and but that pot over the fire and it will not jump out it will just stay there and boil to death. This look like what is happening now to all Americans we just need to check the water temperature before it is to late. Just like what happened with socialist governments witch we are not but if not careful could be to much government our Forefathers warned us about.

    • Agree! And were the HildaBeast (or any of the current crop of demonRAT candidates) president the gummint would have taken-over all private businesses by now.

    • I agree, but the news media is to blame. Trump had to go along with the charade because they already started jumping on him for not taking it seriously enough. U.S. citizens are now controlled by the socialist/communist news media. Has anyone noticed that the annual flu that killed 22,000 last year has not even been mentioned. One of the doctors said that 9 out of 10 who thought they had the corona virus did not have it, but did they mention that the other 9 must have either had a cold or the flu. No. They won’t even mention the annual flu virus. This whole this has been concocted by the media to tank the economy, so in a few months, they can say Trump caused a recession. Most of the counties in my state except for Tampa and Miami have only 1 or 2 cases or none at all. I am very suspicious of this whole thing.

  2. “Climate change” isn’t working for the New World Order’s effort to convince Americans to submit so are they now trying disease scares? It doesn’t look like many are buying the scam and are continuing to prep in case the other shoe of martial law is instituted – gun sales have gone through the roof.

    • So when will we investigate collusion between the deep state and China bringing the coronavirus to the US to destroy the Trump presidency? Killing off a few fits the Climate change agenda. They always said “by any means necessary”.

    • The Obama news media certainly did NOT make a big deal of out of the Swine flu. I hardly remember them even mentioning it. It was over by the time Obama did anything about it. Coincidence, I don’t think so.

  3. After reading this on the Arkansas page I don’t know how much of their information to believe. Arkansas does not have casinos.

  4. Believe what you wish to believe. Sounds like a repeat of The Y2K hoax. Let’s not forget Lehman Brothers and misinformation that was fueled by government and Media and left 87% of homeowners in bankruptcy. Or the asbestos sham and W.R. Grace coverup that killed an entire community.

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist – I read and although what we are facing is a big ?, our nations reputation has been consistently compromised by 1/2 truths and the media who’s been in the business of “creating news!” Stay Safe and use common sense and check in on the many who live a lone in your neighborhoods suffering from anxiety.

  5. Darn! I wanted to find out how long the schools would be closed here in Minnesnowtah. I’m a school bus driver and was hoping to get more info. Stay well and warm my friends.

  6. I do believe the media will take ANY information they can get and make it into something it isn’t. However I believe this is real and we need to take precautions !
    I am hoping for a medical answer to all of this – after all we have some of the most
    brilliant medical researchers in the world. And I believe they are all working together.
    I am keeping a smile on my face – staying busy – going to the store and pharmacy when needs arise and staying positive that if we comply we will all get out of this and end up better for it.

  7. I live in Washington state. And we are currently in a partial shutdown. Due to this virus many businesses and schools are closed. And some reduced staff and hours. Grocery stores are low on many items. Especially toilet paper
    I am hoping that we don’t go in full shutdown. Because like many states it will have a negative impact on us. Which will create more uncertainty. And financial concerns.


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