Monday, August 3, 2020

Tucker Carlson and Brit Hume Explain Why This Election Is Different

You’ve heard the mantra before: this election is the most important of our lifetime.

Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News’ Brit Hume and host Tucker Carlson passionately explained why that’s the case in 2020.

Their argument couldn’t have been more compelling. (Daily Caller)

After analyzing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s unveiled plan, which includes the legalization of at least 22 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States, Carlson asked Hume if it was “fair to say no Republican could ever win a national election at least in the foreseeable future?”

“I think that’s a reasonable assumption in the foreseeable future, and it wouldn’t take 22 million,” Hume responded. “Let’s say the number were half that. 11 million new voters, the overwhelming majority of whom would vote for the Democrat, would keep the Democrats in power in the White House for sure for several election cycles at least.”

Beyond a few nods to trade policy, Hume pointed out that Biden’s plan “is not the agenda of a man who is trying to reach out beyond his own party for support,” but rather someone “trying to solidify support within his own party believe that that’s all he needs.”

“That is where we are,” Hume said. “This is a man who simply thinks that the nomination is all he needs, that is basically guaranteed the election. He might be right.”

Do you think most GOP voters understand what’s at stake in this election? Let us know and share what you’re doing to prevent a Democrat Party-dominated future!

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  1. We understand 100%!! This is why there’s going to be an unprecedented red turnout. He’s a puppet and everyone knows it. They literally prop him up for 3 minutes, and even then he’s a disaster..we all know it’ll be Hillary and the Obamas who would be leading this country. We are quiet but when Election Day comes.. they’re going to get slammed!!

  2. Unfortunately, conservatives have become complacent. I’m not sure Repubs understand what is truly at stake here. Capitalism as we know it will be a thing of the past and socialism will become the new way of life. So, is this vote important?? It will change how we live for decades.

    • That thought process is unacceptable. We cannot let that happen. Yell it loud. America will never be a Socialist country. We have to inform the uninformed.

    • Tribulation has arrived, all that is LEFT is for the corrupt Democrat Establishment Elite to complete their takeover of our country.
      I hope we have at least 12 more years of Trump, Pence, and actual “Public Servants” before this happens.

    • If only we could? They seem to have over 90% of Government jobs and are serving their masters instead of the US Citizens 90% of the time.

  3. Not only do I think many Republicans don’t realize what’s at stake, many voters, especially Democrats, don’t realize what’s at stake. I think the RNC and the President’s Communications Team, among others, are doing a TERRIBLE job of explaining what’s at stake. What I’d like to see are more products (pamphlets, E-pamphlets, videos, bloggers, Social Media, conservative talk show web sites, etc.) that actually highlight everything IN WRITING, in bullet form, all in one place, the dangers of a Biden win. Too many people are basing their decision on most recent “news” the liberal media is spewing everyday rather than thinking of/seeing the bigger picture. This election isn’t about Biden vs Trump, Trump vs. Biden, the C-virus, or Roger Stone. It’s about beating back rising Marxism and Socialism. It’s about the existence of a free America, one which will be gone forever with a Biden/Democrat win. The more we can all work together to put all of this together in a way that everyone can see the big picture, the better. But time is running out.


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