Monday, July 6, 2020

The Most Egregious Examples of China’s Coronavirus Cover-Up

Worse Than You Think…

Bjoertvedt via Wikimedia Commons

The Communist Party of China has made repeated efforts to shift the blame for exacerbating the novel coronavirus pandemic towards the United States, even going so far as to threaten to disrupt the supply of pharmaceutical products into America. Additionally, Beijing has made numerous attempts to cover-up for local officials who ordered life-saving research destroyed. This delay came at a pivotal time – when the odds of containing COVID-19 were significant.

Here is a summarization of what we know:



    • Donald Trump is a very smart, astute, patriotic guy and always has been. in several of his interesting, informative published book dating back decades, he has been warning America about the danger to the U.S. of China, including of paramount importance our reliance on them for a vast amount of crucial goods and the harmful imbalance of trade and lack of tariffs, all of which work in their favor. It’s criminal that a parade of previous administrations were hoodwinked from within by subversive Marxists in elected and agency positions and academe. These dangerous “experts” sang a song of “kumbayah” that stifled and squashed elected officials’ common sense about protecting the U.S., which had for so long been a powerhouse of industrially independence, into a country unnecessarily vulnerable to shortages and even blackmail.

    • Never makes sense to me. We spent so many American lives fighting communists and then the idiots of our country are allowed to leave communists into our country…our government for god’s sake! Was it okay to kill communists in a foreign country but not here? Was the goal the country or the communist ????

    • China has already blackmailed the US that – if we don’t stop pointing the finger of responsibility at China – they will see to it that Coronavirus massacres us.

      This is how the export version of China’s Social Credit System works: YOU BEHAVE AS WE DEMAND OR ELSE!

      Nice, huh?

  1. Bella Pelosi, better known as Dracula. Sneaked in a 1 billion Dollar funding for Plan Parenthood (The abortion factory) in the Coronavirus bill. Never let a crisis go to waste is one of the Demoncrat 10 Satan Commandments.

    Wuhan Virus AKA: Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts the fake media, academia, Hollywood, Millennials…to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie Demoncrat free America!

    • The Democrat Party needs to be dissolved and redone. It has evolved into a communist political organization. Communists should never be allowed into this country. To hell with the PC ideology!!!!!

      • I think your correct the Democratic Party should be dissolved ., you can plainly see they want to destroy this country.. look what Obama did bringing all those Muslims in.. now they want to vote against our country.

    • Nr – 100% agree. The Dems are totally behind this travesty. President Trump is little by little depleting the Dems source of wealth and eventually their power. They are anti-American and only care about their personal wealth and power. They’ll turn on each other when their party is ready to collapse.

  2. The potential medical treatment, for Wuhan Virus (corona virus), are:

    Hydroxycloroquine (anti-inflammatory) + Azithromycin (anti-bacterial)
    Hydroxycloroquine …has been used for many years in rheumatoid arthritis
    as it blocks ……………the inflammatory response in the joints.

    Perhaps it similarly blocks the inflammatory response in the lungs to prevent amounts of exudate,(i.e., the development of COVID-19 viral pneumonia), which is what leads to most of the fatalities.

    Azithromycin …is added to try to prevent secondary bacterial infections; these are
    what killed most of the young, otherwise healthy soldiers in 1917 – NOT the Spanish flu itself.

    This was shown in a study by the Armed Forced Institute of Pathology,Walter Reed, about 15 years ago, using tissue blocks archived from the 1917 autopsies done on those soldiers.

    If this combination truly works, it could be a huge breakthrough in treatment.

    ***Per the Medical Researcher (or MD) who was interviewed by Glenn Beck, this a.m.,
    there were 48 Coronavirus victims, in the South of France, who were given this treatment,
    and ALL were fully recovered by the end of six days. Unless this was just a fluke, which I doubt, THIS will be the ‘go to treatment’ for the Coronavirus assault, that we are ALL currently under.

    BOTH medications are already in every Hospital Medical Pharmaceutical Room. Those have
    been there for years and years. So there should not be much (if any) waiting time for
    patients to be able to have medical access…..ASAP.

    In the meantime, quarantine-styled prevention, won’t over-whelm our medical systems.
    IF…we do this quarantine right….we can beat this down….in less than a month!! *S*

  3. Amazing that how everyone seems to forget that. Money. Is the issue. As long as we have the current government we have now nothing will change. Need to drain the current Swamp. Starting with the so called leader of our great Country……

      • James Gallagher – I really wish there were ratings in this comments section. He would have at least 5 negative stars. What an imbecile. The lefties really don’t get what the swamp really is and what they would do to America if they were back in control. That’s good old socialist education for you. I will proudly vote for President Trump again!

    • Craig,
      Don’t know how old you are but if your aren’t over 40 you need to brush up on your US political history.
      Also, try getting your news from sources that have demonstrated they are not biased fellow-travellers of whatever the latest craze is.
      Recall what the US was like in Nov 2019. We’d still be advancing economically if this medical crisis hadn’t descended on us.
      When SARS broke out and the wave had passed Taiwan took an enormous renovation of everything that would be essential if another epidemic from China hit them. The infrastructure they established helped them against this Wuhan virus from China. Now, go back & check on the membership of the Congress & who occupied the WH. Regardless of whether they were R or D I’ll wager they were career politicians with few exceptions.
      The only things politicians seem to be skilled at is getting polls completed to find out what the voters think they should have from the Gov, then promising those things to the voters, getting into office then raising our taxes to give us those benies.
      D J T has broken that syndrome. We should all be grateful & try to ensure that the country gets another 4 years of reprieve from the career politicians.
      Think about it.

  4. What China did was a very irresponsible act of manslaughter. By there denial and blame shifting tactics.They should be held accountable for thousands of deaths worldwide. They also as a nation should reimburse every nation for its financial losses as well. The communist Chinese government can not be allowed to stay in power. this proves they can not be trusted as a nation. The Chinese people would agree. Every nation on earth should demand the current leaders be brought to justice in a world court for crimes against humanity. I am in mourning for our nation and the world. Think of the fact this could have been stopped before it spread .Had they just told the truth.I for one would love to strangle the selfish leaders.

  5. Kick all of Chinas reporters out of the USA. Shut the borders to them and stop doing business with the lying slant eyed little bastayrds. They have 30 years to have to come on board with the clean air act. The people in Beijing have been wearing face masks for the last 10 years as a fashion plate. What I don`t like is the schit they send here for trade breaks the first time you use it. Now they are denying the people in the USA the means to fight the virus they are responsible for. Dump these rat bashtards they are not our friends. Wake the hell up.

  6. Would agree that China should be rebuffed by free nations for their cover-up, and should ensure they never become dependent on China as a sole source for any life necessary material again. On the other hand, neither would I impose retaliatory costs on them, or at least limit them recalling that doing similar harsh action against Germany after WW I, led to Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and WW II. Not worth it. The cold shoulder and only reciprocal and limited trade with the caveat that any deal with China needing to be verified and monitored should be the rule, and intellectual theft and forced technology transfer ended. Allowing them to succeed in doing such for 30 to 40 years was unconscionable and stupid on our business and political leaders part due to arrogance of thinking they were the smarter and not thinking strategically.

  7. Who was the idiot that allowed all our drug production to move to China in the first place? We should have never allowed this to happen as now they can hold this over our heads!

  8. Let’s be clear about the original source of misinformation:
    World Health Organization (WHO)

    Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China🇨🇳.
    7:18 AM – Jan 14, 2020”

  9. Hey, they’re Communists, they lie, just like the Demoncraps nothing is ever their fault. The Demoncraps would still be picking their nose and trying to figure out what they could do to cover up their ineptitude. Maybe this is being done to help Crazy Joe’s campaign and his sons involvement in China.

  10. Where are the Democrats?…When news broke of this deadly virus which began killing dozens of people inside China the Democrats were contemplating about bringing charges of impeachment against Pres. Trump…As more people began to die by the hundreds because of the horrific virus spreading throughout China the Democrats decided now is the time to impeach our President….As the virus began to spread throughout the world killing thousands of people the Democrats were seen on TV blaming Trump for everything imaginable continuously stating “No one is above the law not every President Trump”…By time the impeachment hearings were over people in this country were beginning to be infected with this virus…Yet the Democrats did nothing, said nothing, and saw nothing to be concerned about with the CV-19 which had already killed off tens of thousands of people…The whole world was aware of the dangers of this virus…everyone except the Democrats…who still had not given up the idea of impeaching our President…The Democrats were outraged when Syria supposedly had stockpiles of chemical weapons whereas it was the Russians who convinced the Syrians decide to destroy these weapons of mass destruction…Yet occasionally a bomb would go off in some Syrian neighborhood killing many of it’s inhabitants…The Democrats were furious to the point they wanted the US to declare war on Syria for the use of chemical weapons although it could not be absolutely proved it was the Syrians or if it was the rebels to make it look like it was the Syrians who were responsible for the chemical attacks…The Democrats were up in arms…they were outraged that Trump was doing nothing…Yet here we are today faced with a virus that could destroy 50% of our population within the next year and what are the Democrats doing…they are blaming Trump for not having enough face masks to go around for everybody…Ahhh Ha…They are still hell bent on impeaching our President for not having enough face masks while American’s are beginning to die like flies from contacting the Chinese CV-19…What are the Democrats doing besides looking for ways to impeach Trump…Nothing…Nothing but complaining about our President for doing this or not doing that…The Democrats have not shown one ounce of outrage against the Chinese who were the culprits of this virus…Ahhh Yes…They still want Trump to bomb Syria so they can start another impeachment trial against Trump for bombing Syria…The Democrats have become so infected with their own disease of which they are not about to find a cure for their own instances of malpractice and tom-foolery and lack of concern…Meanwhile we the American people sit idly by watching the Democrats endeavoring into making a fool out of the rest of us by telling us it’s all Trump’s fault.

    • Old Gringo – We, the American people are not sitting idly by watching the Dems. try to destroy America. We are holding those responsible who acted against America to no avail. When we hold those who are responsible, then what? We need to file charges and not just talk about it. The Dem. politicians are in bed with China and have been for decades. We need to make them answer for their crimes against America and not keep rolling over, belly up. The Republican politicians are finally rising up against the crimes against America, thanks to Pres. Trump. The swamp is pretty vast and we need to unclog the drain.

  11. I TRULY think the CDC and other laboratories should seriously at least CONSIDER this virus was actually man made so they can at least have other avenues to look into in regards to what this virus is and cures for it.. but if this a man made virus it would make an a biochemical weapon of war which means China has just committed an act of war on the entire world. We cannot trust China or buy pharmaceuticals from them & must cut all ties with them! We cannot buy pharmaceuticals from the FILTHY COMMUNIST NATION

  12. MSM are asking the DUMBEST questions which proves their only agenda is to brainwash people to hate Trump like “can you give us a timeline of what’s going on?”.. SERIOUSLY, this is still an unknown virus and changing numbers DAILY & “isn’t it racist to call it the CHINA VIRUS?”.. I could GAF about PC right now and think it’s more important in knowing where it came from because REGION MATTERS as it reveals lifestyle and culture & environmental culture that could be very helpful in learning more about this virus & finding a cure but liberal msm thinks science only matters when it comes to multiple genders & words don’t matter so much when dems say,” SCOTUS WILL PAY THE PRICE”

  13. As I have commented below in reply to another poster, China – as a diversionary coverup tactic for their criminality in denying the severity and, yes, ORIGIN of CV-19 – has blackmailed the US that – if we don’t stop pointing the finger of responsibility at China – they will see to it that Coronavirus massacres us.

    This is how the export version of China’s Social Credit System works: YOU BEHAVE AS WE DEMAND OR ELSE!

    Nice, huh?

  14. If we are going to use Fascist tactics to confine nearly everyone to home to
    await the certain death of our economy, why don’t we mandate all to take
    that magic pill they found that has strong evidence of being effective against
    the Chinese Virus? Doesn’t that seem like a more prudent action?

  15. Does it bother anyone else that since 2004, we have had 8 infectious diseases in an election year: 2004 – SARS, 2008 – AVIAN, 2010 – SWINE, 2012 – MERS, 2014 – EBOLA, 2016 – ZIKA, 2018 – EBOLA, 2020 – CORONA. CORONA VIRUS has a contagion factor of 2, SARS has a contagion factor of 4, MEASLES has a contagion factor of 18. CORONA VIRUS has a cure rate of 99.7% for those under 50 after the spread peaks. CORONA VIRUS is a viral pneumonia being hyped as the BLACK PLAGUE before the election. WHO do we know that went to Wuhan Province to consult with the Chinese on viruses in the past year? WHAT political party would benefit from such a tactic? I don’t know about you, but I know how I’m voting in 2020, and probably forever more!


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