Monday, July 6, 2020

Gearing Up for Trump-Biden Battle, Republicans Crush Democrats in Party Committee Fundraising

The Republican National Committee raised more than twice as much money as the Democrat National Committee in February, new finance reports reveal.

The RNC’s $26.2 million February haul is more than double the $12.8 million raised by the DNC and its affiliated committees. The RNC ended the month with $76 million cash on hand, while the DNC reported just $14 million.

President Donald Trump’s campaign reported raising just $14 million in February but had $94.4 million cash on hand. Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden’s numbers had not been published as of midnight Friday, he appears to have raised $33 million in just 30 days. His cash on hand is not known, but he does not appear to have burned through much of his funds.

Fellow Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders reported raising an amazing $46.5 million for the month and had $18.7 million on hand, which could be used to oppose Trump once Sanders drops out.

Helping Democrats close the gap, former candidate Michael Bloomberg announced he was donating to the Democrat National Committee the around $18 million left in his campaign account. He may still spend as much as $1 billion to oppose Trump through the November election.

While the GOP enjoys a massive cash advantage, Republicans also had a large advantage in 2018 but lost 41 U.S. House seats to Democrats in their worst midterm election since the 1974 Watergate scandal.

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  1. Come election time the Swamp Establishment will be a skeleton, the bad guys in jail – Trump Patriots have already won.


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