Monday, July 6, 2020

Austrian Politician’s HORRIBLE Idea For Jews

A far-right Austrian politician said he wants to register Jewish citizens, in a frightening echo of the Austrian-born leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler.

The New York Post reports:

The disturbing plan was unveiled by Gottfried Waldhausl, the minister in charge of animal welfare for the populist conservative Freedom Party of Austria.

He said he wanted to create a registry that would allow Jewish citizens to buy only kosher meat, thereby reducing the number of animals slaughtered every year.

Followers of Judaism are only allowed to eat meat that comes from beasts that have had their throats cut in a ritual slaughter.

According to Waldhausl, who is a local minister in the state of Lower Austria, Jews would only be allowed to buy kosher meat if they are officially registered and granted a special permit.

Despite Waldhausl’s claims that his intentions are pure, most government officials recalled the anti-Semitic laws adopted in the country after Hitler annexed the country in 1938.


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