Monday, July 6, 2020

Fox Legends EXPLODE Over Caravan Showdown

ICYMI: On Hannity earlier this week, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera blew up at host Sean Hannity and Sebastian Gorka over the most recent developments in the massive migrant caravan. (Mediaite)

The three were discussing Rivera’s op-ed for Fox News on the caravan, in which he proposes a solution to the crisis. Rivera argued that most of the migrants are just desperate refugees searching for a better life, and Hannity was adamant that they cannot be allowed into America.

“We won’t let them in,” Hannity said. “Not this way. We have a sovereignty and border issue here.” 

“What are you gonna shoot ’emSean?!” Rivera asked. “What are you gonna do with the Army there? Bayonet them? What are you gonna do?”

“No. They need to be stopped in Mexico,” Hannity responded. “Are you going to just say come on in and never vet them?” 

Gorka then entered the fray saying, “This is really beneath you. Geraldo.” 

Rivera, quick to take umbrage, responded indignantly and the tense conversation continued.

(Video H/T Fox News)


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